Age: 16
Gym: Cheer Athletic Charlotte
Team: Royal Cats (Sm. Coed 5)
Position: Base or Flyer


Abigail Meredith is from Huntersville, NC., she has been participating on the Royal Cats team as a base or flyer and the Cheer Athletics Charlotte gym. Abigail has a standing full, punch front to double, double, 3 to full and jumps to back. Abigail's favorite cheer moment was winning High School States with her team in 2013.

Abigail looks up to gymnast Nastia Liuken and admires her grandma for being a hard worker, always being so loving and sweet, and always making her smile.

Abigail has overcome the challenge of breaking her knee, but encourages others to always see the positive in a situation and be confident.

Abigail believe being a leader and a role model takes someone with a positive attitude, a kind heart, is encouraging and someone that people look up to.

Abigail enjoys serving in her community and being a leader in several areas of her life.

Social Media

Please click the following link to discover more about Abigail and follow her on:
Twitter: abs_meredith
Facebook: Abigail Meredith
Instagram: abigail_meredith

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