Age: 18
Position: Flyer


Amber Pellegrini is a 2nd year veteran Superstar of Allstars for Cheer Channel from Pittsburgh, PA. Amber is currently attending Davenport University in Grand Rapids, MI., where she is cheerleading.

Amber is a 4x Worlds participant, 3x Jamfest SuperNational Champion, 2x COA National Champion, 2x America Cheer Power National Champion and 2x Battle of the Capitol Champion.

Amber's favorite cheer moment was getting 9th place in the International Open Coed 5 division in the U.S. trials at the 2014 Cheerleading Worlds. Amber started cheerleading at age 5 with rec and started all star at age 8.

Amber defines a leader as being someone who brings a team together and encourages their teammates. She makes a difference in her community by volunteering at a school for children learning disabilities.

When Amber isn't busy with cheer or classes, she likes to bake desserts.

In 10 years, Amber hopes to be a physical therapist or doing something in the medical field.

Advice that Amber wants to share with other cheerleaders is to never get frustrated when you can't get a skill you are working on, keep working and strive to reach your goals.

Social Media

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Twitter: ammbuh
Facebook: itsamberbaby
Instagram: ammbuh

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