Age: 17
Gym: Cheer Athletics Charlotte
Team: Regal Cats (Senior 4)
Position: Flyer


Anna Petry is from Huntersville, NC. Anna cheers at Cheer Athletics Charlotte as a flyer on the Regal Cats team. Anna has 2 State Champion titles with her high school team and holds a Battle at the Beach National Championship, as well as a level 7 State Beam Championship award.

Anna's favorite cheer moment is coming back after being off weeks from a concussion. She said her toughest challenge has been getting over a mental block and finally getting her full.

Anna's advice to other cheerleaders is not to let fear hold you back from reaching your full potential.

The most important thing Anna wants you to know about her is that she is here for anyone who needs a friend. Anna believes leaders should be good role models and always do what is best for the team and not themselves. She also believes a role model should follow the rules and use the positivity for others to look up to and follow.

Anna said she looks up to her grandmother and she admires every cheerleader that has a disability but still cheers because it inspires her to use her full potential. She loves seeing how much they love cheer.

Social Media

Please check out the links below to learn more about Anna.
Twitter: @anna_petry
Instagram: @ca_anna

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