Age: 19
Gym: West Storm Cheer
Team: Lady Surge Small Senior 5
Position: Flyer


Aubrey Vandermolen is from St. Joseph, MO. And is currently attending Missouri Western State University. Aubrey started recreational cheer at the age of 9 and competitive cheer at age 12.

Aubrey holds several personal and teams awards and titles. Some of those include, being undefeatedin her career as a level 5 soloist, Top 3 America's Best Athlete of the year, 4x High School All American, Top All American Senior year, multiple National Championships in jumping and tumbling and 20x National Champ with her gym in both competing and coaching.

Aubrey's skills include but are not limited to a needle, bow, free stretch, over stretch, free stretch double full and whip double.

Aubrey's favorite cheer moment was being asked to fill a spot with another team and compete at Worlds. It was her first time to experience it and she loved the rush of stepping onto the floor and she cried as she watched her favorite teams compete.

The biggest challenge Aubrey has had to overcome was the mind blocks when learning new skills and how to work through them with a positive attitude. The best advice to younger cheerleaders is to stay 100% committed to your program and gym family through everything, good and bad. Those relationships are some of the most important ones you will ever have and those friendships can last forever.

Aubrey describes a leader as someone who will lead by example and not just words. They will get respect by actions and not fear, they will encourage and correct positively and not tear down.

Aubrey is a leader on her team by trying to stay positive even in negative circumstances, she tries to be a good, positive example and encourage her team when learning new things. She is making a difference in her community by being a positive example through her faith, morals and values. She is involved in service projects and community projects. In school, she has contributed by tutoring classmates and trying to be an example to others by maintaining a respectful attitude towards her instructors and teachers.

Something Aubrey wants you to know about her, she has an overwhelming fear of being alone, anywhere, even at home.

Aubrey most looks up to and admires her mom, Tara. She started their program from nothing, the didn't even have running water or a bathroom in their first gym. They used a porta potty for 6 months in the winter. They had no tumbling past a level 1 and now they have a Senior 5 team after only 5 years. Aubrey says her mom never gave up!

In 10 years, Aubrey hopes to be finished with nursing school and be an RN. She would like to be married and start a family. Aubrey would also like to be very involved in the all star world and being a part of the continued growth and success of WSC.

Social Media

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Twitter: @spongeAub
Facebook: aubreyy.meckiahh
Instagram: aubreyvandermolen

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