Age: 15
Gym: Premier Athletic
Team: Small all girl 5
Position: Flyer


Baylee Kinsey is a 2nd year veteran Super Star for Cheer Channel from Lexington, KY. Baylee started cheering at 5 years old and has cheered for several gyms and is currently cheering at Premier Athletic. Baylee also runs track and has participated in a few 5K runs as well. When Baylee isn't cheering, she enjoys going to her Mimi's horse farm to see the horses, fish and relax. Back at the gym, Baylee has several skills she likes to use, including a punch front thru to full, running double and hand hand full.

Baylee said she doesn't have a favorite cheer “moment” but more a favorite cheer “feeling.” When she walks in to the gym, everything from her day disappears and it's like walking into a different world.

Baylee's toughest challenge has been fracturing her hip 6 weeks before UCA Allstar Nationals. She couldn't jump or tumble for 2 months, she lost all of her flexibility and it took all of last summer to get her tumbling back.

Baylee's best advice for other cheerleaders is to never give up! Some people learn skills quicker than others and you just have to keep working hard and give it your all. Trust your coaches, they are there to help you and do what is best for the team.

Baylee defines leader as someone who guides and encourages a group of people. One who sets a good example by their attitude and actions. Baylee strives to be a leader on her team by continually encouraging her teammates whether they are trying to learn a new skill or hit a new stunt.

She is making a difference in her community by volunteering at fundraisers for the Diabetes Foundation and making blankets for the Salvation Army.

Something Baylee wants you to know about her...she really likes to have fun and in 10 years, she would like to be working with handicapped children.

Social Media

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Twitter: camrynbaylee
Instagram: camrynbaylee

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