Even if you’ve got the uniform, warm-ups, and shoes at the ready, your spirited look isn’t complete without the accessories – a bow, glitter makeup, and pom poms!
A cheerleader’s accessories set her apart from other athletes; she works hard but still looks stylish and spirited! Spice up your cheer look with a bow, poms, and performance makeup for the ultimate winning look.
Cheer Bow
When it comes to bows, the bigger the better! Most cheerleaders opt for jumbo-sized bows, but smaller, more standard sizes are also worn. The great thing about bows is that there are so many styles available. There are classic bows, metallic, animal-print, rhinestone-adorned, and more! You can choose to match your bow to your outfit or wear one in a contrasting color or pattern.
The great thing about bows is that they’re easy to store and recycle, which means you can create quite the collection! Most cheerleaders, in fact, can’t even count how many bows they have.
Glitter Makeup
It’s not just any makeup; it’s cheer makeup! Performance makeup is very different from regular makeup you’d wear to school or on the weekends. Performance makeup needs to be long lasting, sweat proof, and highly pigmented so judges and audiences can see the makeup from a distance.
Glitter makeup adds color to a cheerleader’s uniform and completes the look. Glitter makeup is especially important for competitions! When looking for the right makeup, it’s important to find colors that match or complement your uniform colors. If you clash, it will be distracting (and not in a good way).
One way to make sure your makeup will match is to purchase makeup designed for specific cheer uniforms. Glitterbug Cosmetics offers glitter makeup that match Chassé uniform colors.
If you’re going to wear glitter, use a makeup glue or primer to hold it in place. Glitter can get messy if you don’t apply it correctly! You can also use makeup glue to add rhinestones. Whatever you do, don’t use craft glue or any glue that isn’t specifically for makeup purposes.
Pom Poms
What’s a cheerleader without her pom poms? Pom poms add spirit and catch the audience’s attention, especially at football and basketball games. Pom poms have evolved since they first were created – there are holographic poms, animal print poms, two-color poms…the list keeps going!
What is your favorite cheer accessory? Do you ever perform without a bow?

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