Age: 14
Gym: Texas Elite
Team: Senior 3 and Junior 3
Position: Base or Flyer


Brooke Ellis is from Aubrey, Texas and is a two time NCA Champion. She has an award for Best Flyer in her gym at Texas Elite. Brooke looks up to her coach/gym owner, Ryan Stinson and she admires her Aunt for being one of the most amazing, strong and beautiful women she has ever met.

The toughest challenge Brooke has had to overcome was a mental block she had on tumbling. She would like to give advice to other cheerleaders to never let anyone tell you you can't do something and always work your hardest, no matter what.

The most important thing Brooke wants you to know about her is that she likes to help little kids develop their skills and become better cheerleaders. Brooke is active in her community and school, volunteering her time for local Diabetes Fundraisers, making blankets for the Salvation Army, visiting local nursing homes and children in local hospitals. Brooke also likes helping her classmates with their studies and homework. She wants to see them become stronger students.

Brooke said she is quiet until you get to know her and then she is goofy and likes to have fun.

Social Media

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Twitter: @TE brooke ellis
Instagram: @te_brooke

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