Age: 11
Gym: University Cheer Air Force, Inc.
Team: Air Force One (Sr. Restricted 5)
Position: Flyer


Camryn “Cam Jam” Yarbrough is from LaPorte, Texas and has her double through double, 1 ½ through double, Arabian, Arabian through double, 2 to double, whip through double, standing full, standing full 2 to full and many other skills. Camryn has several personal and team awards, including placing 3rd at The Summit in 2014 with her team.

The toughest challenge Camryn has overcome was an injury to her knee. She pushed through and made sure not to let her team down.

Camryn's advice for other cheerleaders would be to believe in yourself, always work hard, push yourself and give 110% to your team. Be willing to try new things and always trust your teammates.

Most important thing you should know about Camryn, she is the youngest athlete at her gym to make a level 5 team. That honor comes with hard work and proving herself to the older kids.

Besides cheer, Camryn likes to play soccer and run. She is an advocate against bullying and believes that she can be a role model for others by setting a good example of being respectful, being a hard worker and always being a team player.

Camryn admires her mom and says she is always there for her and she sacrifices for their family so they can do the things they do. Camryn hopes to be like her mom some day and to own her own gym.

Social Media

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Facebook: Camryn.yarbrough
Instagram: @camjam_ucaf

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