Age: 15
Gym: Cheer Extreme All Stars
Team: Senior Elite
Position: Flyer


J'ailah Zanders is from Concord, NC. J'ailah is starting her 12th year of All Star cheer and has her roundoff back handspring to double, toe touch tuck two back handspring to double and standing full.

J'ailah holds several team and individual awards including, 2013 World Champion, 2015 Worlds silver medalist, 2015 Summit National Champion, 2015 Champions League Grand Champion, 3x NCA winner, 11x Cheersport winner and 2011 and 2012 undefeated individual winner.

J'ailah looks up to her mom and says is is only with her love, commitment and sacrifice that she has been able to live out her dreams. J'ailah admires her coach Courtney Smith-Pope because not only does she produce some of the most memorable routines in cheerleading, but she has taught her how to not be afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if others don't agree. Coach Pope is passionate about the sport and has done so much to make things better for everyone involved. She has taught J'ailah that success is truly from the heart.

J'ailah's favorite cheer moment was becoming a World Champion at age 12 with the rest of her team and coaches after being in 3rd place at the end of day 1.

The toughest challenge J'ailah has overcome was not believing in herself and wanting to quit cheerleading. Her mom supported her and encouraged her and helped her through it.

J'ailah's advice to other cheerleaders is to always believe in yourself and give your best effort. Be the best role model you can be because there is always someone looking up to you and there are always those waiting to see you fall.

J'ailah defines leadership as being more than someone who tells others what to do, but they lead by their actions. Being a leader means you aren't afraid to admit your mistakes and use that to help others grow. J'ailah is a leader in her community by participating in food drives and volunteering at the animal shelter. She is a leader on and off the mat by being an encourager to others and always being a help to those around her.

Social Media

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Twitter: @jailahzanders
Facebook: rahmanijz
Instagram: @jailahzanders

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