Age: 15
Gym: Stingray Allstars
Team: Smoke (small senior coed 5)
Position: Flyer


Jamie Easterly is in her 8th year of allstar cheer, she started when she was 8/9 and this is her fifth year on a level 5 team. Jamie's skills include a roundoff backhand spring full and when she is flying, she will attempt anything!

Jamie is a 2013 Summit Champion and a 2x2 spokesmodel.

Jamie's favorite cheer moment was winning the Summit in 2013. Her toughest challenge to overcome was a mental block to hit a stunt sequence. Jamie's best advice for other cheerleaders is to be confident, as soon as you doubt yourself, you begin to make mistakes. The most important thing you need to know about Jamie is that she is a perfectionist and can be very competitive. When learning new stunts, she likes to hit her stunt first and then go help others who are struggling before going back and perfecting hers.

Jamie believes being a leader means you motivate and inspire others to accomplish their goals. Jamies is a leader on and off the mat by encouraging those around her and participating in service projects and volunteering in programs throughout the community. Jamie likes to share her story of how cheer has impacted her life and what it can do to be a positive influence in others lives.

Jamie most admires her mom for the sacrifices she makes in order for her to participate in cheer and for putting her and her sister as a first priority.

In 10 years, Jamie hopes to have her own dermatology practice and be living life surrounded by the people that she loves.

Social Media

Click the links below to learn more about Jamie.
Twitter: jamieeasterlyy
Facebook: jamie nicole easterly
Instagram: jamieneasterly

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