Age: 17
Gym: Cheer Zone
Team: Maroon Competition Squad
Position: Flyer and Base


Jordan Summerfield is from Henderson, KY. She has been cheering since the age of 5. She has cheered for school and all star programs for 10 years. She started with Charlotte Allstars youth level 2 and most recently cheered with Cheer Extreme Senior level 5. Cheerleading is her passion but she also enjoys working out and running.

Jordan is a 2x UCA All American Cheerleader, Miss Freshman, Miss Sophomore, CEA LKN Cheerleader of the Year, Varsity Best Flyer and much more! Jordan's skills include a variety of jumps to tuck, combination pass to full, straight leg scorpion, coed and all girls stunting.

Jordan's favorite cheer moment was winning Grand Champions, National Champions and a full-paid Worlds bid at Battle of the Capital. The toughest challenge Jordan has had to overcome was just recently when she had surgery and she didn't know what the outcome was going to be.

Jordan's best advice to other cheerleaders is to always try your best and never give up. Enjoy the time you have with your teammates and coaches because the memories will last forever.

The most important thing Jordan wants people to know about her is that she is a hard worker and she doesn't give up on what she wants to accomplish. She believes her dreams will be her reality in the near future.

Jordan defines a leader as someone who displays confidence in themselves as well as others. They should always have a positive energy and encourage those they are helping to attain their goals. A role model is someone who sets an example for others to follow. A role model is someone who is honest and trusting and people can look up to.

Jordan is a leader on her team by encouraging her teammates to do their skills to the best of their ability and helping them gain confidence in what they are doing. She is a leader in her community by helping with functions and events and volunteering at the animal shelter.

Jordan believes being a cheerleader on and off the mat is simple because she enjoys helping others and encouraging them to always try their best. She contributes to others by keeping a positive attitude and high energy so that others will want to do the same.

Before competing, Jordan likes to pray. Then she goes around and tells all of her teammates good luck and helps encourage them to get through the routine.

Jordan most admires her mom. Through everything, she has been there for Jordan and she has still managed to be a great mom and help her with everything she does to follow her dreams.

In 10 years, Jordan sees herself owning her own Allstar Cheer gym. She wants to have a program that will appeal to cheerleaders of all ages and skills. She is most looking forward to having a special needs program.

Social Media

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Instagram: @jordanblair008

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