Age: 18
Gym: Cheer Athletics
Team: Wildcats
Position: Flyer


Kayla Mauro is a 2x Majors Champion and Captain of her high school cheer team in Tomball, TX. Kayla started cheering when she was 3 turning 4. Kayla has been cheering for 14 years. She has done all star, school and is looking forward to cheering in college next year. She's coached a speical needs cheer team, as well as lead charity fundraiser activities to help the less fortunate.

Kayla has a punch front to double, double full baskets and level 5 and 6 stunting. Kayla said her toughest challenge was overcoming the mental block she had on her tumbling. Her favorite cheer moment was winning Majors for the first time in 2014 with the Cheetahs.

Kayla's best advice for other cheerleaders is to never give up, no matter how small or large the obstacle, anything is possible with determination. The most important thing Kayla wants you to know about her, she gives 110% each and every time she is with her team. She believes each person has something important to contribute so it is important that we are all giving our all to make our team work as a whole.

Kayla defines a leader as someone who leads by example at all times through both actions and words from social media to in person. To be a role model, Kayla believes you have to take pride in knowing many people will look up to you. Kayla is a leader on her team because she always sets a positive attitude, she pushses them to do their best and she enjoys complimenting them to build them up. Kayla volunteers in her community with many different organizations to give back to those who don't have much. She has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Emily's Place, Houston Food Bank and Relay for Life. Kayla believes she is making a difference on and off the mat by being involved and by presenting herself in the everyday world as someone who can make a difference and by following her dreams.

Kayla's special tradition before she competes is to get in her spot on the mat and shuffle her feet and wipe her hands on her skirt.

Kayla admires her former coach, Matt Kelley. He has always supported her in her cheer decisions and he has helped guide her and mold her into the person/cheerleader she is today.

In 10 years, Kayla hopes to be working in a hospital giving anesthesia to kids going into surgery.

Social Media

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Twitter: KaylaMauro97
Facebook: KaylaMauro
Instagram: kaylamauro97

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