Age: 15
Gym: Rockstar Cheer & Dance
Team: Beatles
Position: Flyer


Kennedy Thames is from Lexington, SC. Kennedy has been cheering since the age of 4 and competing since the age of 9. Kennedy's skills include standing jumps to full and 2 to whip double-running full whip double, whip arabian thru to whip double and 1.5 to whip double.

Kennedy's awards and titles include 2014 Future Nfinity Legend, Wink Cosmetic Model, MVP on her first worlds team at the age of 12 and UCA All American Cheerleader 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The toughest challenge Kennedy has had to overcome was learning how to manage her time. Between cheer, commuting to practice (an hour and a half each way), school cheer, grades, friends and family, Kennedy had a lot to consider. Kennedy's best advice to other cheerleaders is to remember that hard work pays off. Even if you fall, get back up and keep trying. It isn't always about winning but doing your best and having fun.

Kennedy wants you to know that she works hard on and off the mat. She is #2 in her class of over 500 students.

Kennedy defines leadership as the ability to influence others to push toward their goals in a positive and encouraging way. Being a role model means being a leader and a person that sets an example for others through their attitude, values and behavior. Kennedy is a leader on her team, in her community and at school with her peers by being an encourager to those who might be struggling, by jumping in and helping others, by volunteering her time and being a positive example.

Kennedy's special tradition before a competition is to pray for a clean and injury free routine and to shake the hands of her teammates.

In 10 years, Kennedy hopes to be a world champion, a collegiate national champion and in the final stages of becoming an orthodontist. She also hopes to be coaching cheer teams while she is in dental school.

Social Media

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Twitter: kennedythames
Facebook: Kennedy Sloane Thames
Instagram: kennedythames

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