Age: 18
Gym: Louisiana Spirit, New Orleans
Team: Red Medium Coed Level 5
Position: Backspot


Taylor Faulk is a 2nd year Allstar for Cheer Channel. Motivated by her best friend, Mollye, at the age of 6, her passion for cheerleading began. This year will mark Taylor's 12th year of cheering. Besides cheering, Taylor is 2 teams at her gym. She coaches the Mini Level 1 team, Blush and the Youth 2 team, Navy. Taylor calls the gym her second home because she is there everyday helping the kids progress and motivating their every move.

Taylor's favoritepart of coaching is pushing the kids to reach their fullest potential and making a difference in their lives.

Taylor is a freshman in college and after being so indecisive her senior year about where she was going to go, Taylor made the decision to attend the University of New Orleans in her home town. Her favorite subject in school, unlike many others, is math. Taylor was in honors and has been recognized as an outstanding scholar for Art in school. Taylor has also been recognized for maintaining a high GPA while also having lots of school spirit.

Taylor loves helping others and one of her many goals in life is to go on a mission trip to help the less fortunate.

Taylor isn't completely sure what she wants to major in in college but for her dream job, she wants to be an actress.

Taylor has a younger brother and an older sister who she has looked up to her whole life. Her family means the world to her and her parents support any and every decision she makes.

Taylor's overall goal in life is to make a difference in the lives of other and it only starts with one person and others will follow.

Social Media

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Twitter: @taylorfaulk
Facebook: Taylor faulk
Instagram: Taylorfaulk

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