Age: 19
Team: University of Maryland
Position: Flyer


Tori Brungart is a 2nd year Super Star for Cheer Channel from Annapolis, MD. Tori is currently cheering for the University of Maryland. Tori began cheering at the age of 5. Tori loves to go to the beach and spend time with friends. She loves to shop and she enjoys food and chocolate shakes. Some of Tori's skills include a front walkover to full, double full, standing two to full, double down and several more.

Tori holds the following teams awards 2014 Bronze Worlds MT. F5, 2013 5th Pl. Worlds MT Reign, 2011 4th Pl. Worlds MD Marlins Tsunami and 2010 5th Pl. Worlds MD. Marlins Tsunami.

Tori's favorite cheer moment was at Worlds 2011- having to perform their routine 4 times on MD. Marlins Tsunami due to lighting malfunction one day and an injury the next day. Hitting all 4 times and having an entire crowd behind them was the highlight of her cheer career and something she will never forget.

Tori's toughest challenge was severely spraining and tearing ligaments in both ankles while performing a whip full at her first practice for MD. Twisters Reign. Tori was determined to return to practice in order to compete at the 1st competition. With daily rehab and lots of hard work, she managed to make it back in time.

The best advice Tori can offer to other cheerleaders is to always remember that cheerleading is a team sport and becoming a team player means you respect everyone on your team. By doing that, it will make you a better all around cheerleader and it will go a long way to making the team better. Tori defines a leader as someone who is approachable, a good listener, and is passionate about what they believe in. A good leader is easy to look up to and has an abundance of positive energy and uses that energy to motivate the rest of the team. They are the ultimate team player.

Tori is a leader on her team by always maintaining a positive attitude and being able to persevere throughout difficult times and being respectful to all of her teammates and coaches.

Tori is making a difference in her community by volunteering with “The Happy Helpers for the Homeless” in Baltimore for the past 8 years and helping to feed and clothe many of the homeless in Baltimore. In the classroom, Tori worked hard in her studies to be a member of the National Honor Society and because of her hardwork, she was able to tutor other students over the years so they could be successful too.

Something few people know about Tori, she played field hockey for 3 years in HS, while cheering and she is scared to death of spiders!

In 10 years, Tori hopes to have graduated from the University of Maryland and have a successful career in business. She wants to eventually settle down, get married and have a family, including a little dog. She may even coach some cheerleading too.

Social Media

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Twitter: @Toribrungart
Facebook: tori.brungart
Instagram: tori brungart

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